Friday, January 13, 2012

A new beginning...

It's been quite a while since I last worked on maintaining my own blog. My first blog PhotoPlay is totally a mess now, it was hacked by some weird company named "wallheaven", then the javascript codes I used from Google Codes have also become corrupted due to some strange reasons... Probably a part of the tragic events that happened to me in those last two years.

Ahh well, who cares! I'm back now, with better knowledge and experience. And ironically, with all the happening, both good & bad, life has been quite interesting.

Since keeping diaries has become obsolete & potential privacy threats, it's best to keep a track on the web. The famous technique in programmers world :D
"Open source projects never get hacked" 
Being my first post, it's going to be  quite boring naturally. Please don't have high expectations ;) Moreover, I'm a binary type of person

I'll be following it up shortly with better topics & improve the blog as I get the hang of things around in here. Comments & followers will be hugely appreciated. I might as well organize GIVEAWAYS :p

N.B. Thanks to (probably) the last English exam of student life. It gave me the interest to start writing these crap :D

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