Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dawn to Dusk - Part IV

Before reading this part, I highly recommend you to read part 1, 2 and 3 before. At least read  this PART 3 else you won't be able to enjoy all the fun.

It was the summer of '07 ,we were in class 9 , all grown up, new classes, new books, new dresses and a new zeal. The two sections of our class were combined, for the first time. And I saw that girl with the cute face and peculiar ascent once again, after 6 years. Rumour had it that she stood 4th in last class with 0.1% less than me, but I never could make up enough courage to ask her about it.

I was planning how to have a good chance of first impression, and studies were the only thing where I had a chance. Coming first in class seemed a good enough idea to make an impression. Moreover, it was the last chance to show the whole batch who the real boss was, before the Class 10 boards, and before parting streams in class 11. And a nice opportunity to win once in the 8 year long cold war for the top positions in class.

Coincidentally, studies felt quite easy, or maybe because I really studied with my heart. Class performance progressed and going to school was more fun than ever, so much so that I had pulled a 96% attendance in that year. Whereas my attendance was at 60% for the last eight years. :D

Around 5 months into the session, our combined section was divided up again. This time randomly, so that students who were in the same section for 8 years were going to be separated. This stirred up a huge drama on that day, 99% of the students opposed the idea. We requested our teachers to divide it like before, but they said a strict NO. The matter was so serious at that time, every one of us were crying in the class. Our class teacher cancelled her class that day seeing the conditions of the students. A few drops filled her eyes too. Even after all that, the principal kept her ego high and told that decision won't be changed.

Now I wonder, would it have been so hard to change such a small decision? Even after seeing 90 children crying? Grown-ups could be so babies at times. They and their ego. Disgusting!

Eventually, we moved on... I was put into section B, and my 2 best friends were in A. First time since our friendship that we three weren't sharing the same bench to sit together. And yes, Miss mystery girl was also in the other section. Plans were delayed once again... :p

Maybe because girls started wearing salwars from class 9, and due to that grown up feeling, everyone started choosing their partners. Either intentionally, or their friends set them up, though the latter was predominant ;)

One fine afternoon, I was walking past section A during recess time, and Miss Mystery girl was standing in front of the class, probably looking at me. I was trying to increase my pace and cross quickly, avoiding eye contact. Just when I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, she called my name and asked for my number. Before I could reply, she quickly explained that her mother wanted to talk to my mother about where I took tutions. Dunno whether her ascent had normalized, or my hindi vocabulary had improved, I could understand her words and gave my landline number.

Okay, so the 'good student' thing worked, and a girl asked for my number. Not actually what you'd expect, but close enough :p
I was glad that our Rashtra Vasha didn't fail me this time :D and dedicated a thousand thanks to myself for learning Hindi properly.

The news of our conversation was spicy enough to sent a few rumours flying. Though I don't remember if her mother actually ever called or not ;)

Not much to my surprise, I stood first in class with 92% . I had the title I craved for, but dunno if it had made the impressions I wanted to make. And with that, began my journey downhill, towards fate or destiny, whatever you call it..