Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Time and Tide, wait for some

It was the date of Biology in PCB category exam. The exam was going to start in 5 mins. People were busy taking their seats and getting ready. Now or never she said to herself. She turned back and asked him "Are you good in Biology?".
He was busy arranging pen and paper. He stopped and looked towards her "Not much, why?", he replied, a bit surprised.
"Please help me a little, I am not good in this subject", she said, trying to make it sound genuine with a smile.
"OK, sure", he assured and smiled back.

The exam was of 3 hours, 4th and last one since the two day long 12 hours exam marathon.
Halfway through the exam, she asked something related to mitochondria, he replied, and that was all. At the end of the exam she wanted to say thanks, but the room was too crowded to see him. 
He was slowly walking through the corridor with the crowd, slightly hoping he would walk into her somewhere. But luck was not with them. They saw each other, but only at the last moment. Both were leaving with their parents, and a smile was the only thing that was exchanged.

5 years later, he asks her, "I still don't know why you said you are not good in Biology". She laughed, "And I don't know how I became a doctor, I wanted to be an engineer actually". "You seem to remember that day pretty well?", she asks curiously.
"Of course I do, you asked me three MCQs, none of which I was sure about. I issued a disclaimer : Please take my answer at your own risk, I'm not confident". You said "It's fine".

She said, "Thank god I took the initiative of starting the conversation, you were sitting there for 9hrs without saying anything and the last 3 hours were going to pass too", in a slight scolding voice.
He tried to argue, "I'm not used to having good looking girls sitting in front of me in exams. So not familiar with the concept of initiating conversations". "But I specifically checked out your name on the attendance sheet after that", he tried to calm her.
She started laughing. "Oh poor fellow. Is that why you remembered my name for long?". 
"No, actually I wanted to check your result and see if you cleared medical entrance or not. In case you sued me for those three wrong answers. But after seeing your rank, I was wondering why you had lied", he said imitating a suspicious look.
Not used to compliments about herself, she felt shy. Looking away she said "Believe me I am really not good in Biology".

He continued "And I checked in Facebook that you didn't have an account, which reinforced the fact that you were actually a studious girl."
She smiled "That's some serious investigation you carried out. How did you remember to search after one year?"
He shrugged his shoulders "Just intuition... Anyone who is studying in medical is bound to come in touch with Facebook at some point. Should take one year at most....", he paused for a bit thinking deeply "But you know, if you actually had an account already, I probably would have never sent a friend request... ever!"
"Why so??" she looked surprised.
"Because that would look too desperate and stupid!" he laughed. "Instead, sending the request after one year, is a very decent thing to do"
"Only problem is, by that time the girl will probably have a boyfriend", she added.
"Well, that's not a bad thing entirely" he smiled.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why you shouldn't feel shy about speaking your own language.

Let nobody tell you that your language is not a good language.
It is nothing but stereotyping and propaganda when some people say one language is superior than another.

When we speak informal Bengali, it's considered derogatory, even by our own people. But when people in America and Europe go informal, it's  prestigiously termed as 'accent'.

I mean what the hell? RIP logic .

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dawn to Dusk - Part V. The Nightfall

It was the summer of 2011, probably July. Season of Entrance exams and admissions. Everyone was busy with these things, especially the parents, more than the students.

Everywhere you go, you'd find admission forms, college prospects and never ending list of entrance tests and their acronyms. Next time you come across one, if you notice, you'd find that private colleges always have a good looking girl on their ad, and some high reputed colleges would even go further and put on a good looking boy along with the girl, all of course, in a scenic background and good amount of PhotoShop enhancements. Wonder if they want to show off their campus or they imply you could find a similar girl there?

Coming back to the story, I was no exception, had decided not to go abroad and waste money and neither did my parents want to send me away. NIT Agartala and the state quota seemed the only viable option (though I'm strictly against any kind of quota stuff).

Everyone had pretty big expectations from me, due to good results during class 10 (just for bragging, I was 6th in NERIST NEC list, and 10th in NE in some random NLTSE exam conducted by some Vikas Institute :p ). And expectations, as always, brought bad luck to me.

Studying in NIT was always a kinda dream, everyone talked about it, it was where everyone wanted to be, something of national level, something like "bigger than yourself" stuff. Something which was not destined to be mine. I always had to travel the lonely road away from the crowd, and this time was no exception.

On the day of result, I found that I had missed the so called "state quota" by the marks equivalent of one question. Mom was asking me about the result, and I did not know what to tell. Cause I had not yet been into such situation where I told mom "No mom, I failed in that exam". Never before had I cried for something related to studies. It was one of the few things I was good at.
God knows what happened that it had to let me down, for the first time, when I needed it the most.

And yes, bad result is the least of your problems when your friends, who never got more marks than you in 12 years of school, get admitted into YOUR dream NIT. How? Well, that's another story.

I ended up getting admitted to Tripura Institute of Technology ,T.I.T instead of N.I.T, (well, FYI, it's more than just a difference of alphabets, but again, that's another story). Good thing was that my parents were liberal enough to let me take my subjects on my own wish, i.e. Computer Science, amongst all the negative comments by "well-wishers".

Though I started remaining a bit depressed and became kinda anti social from then on.

I hate sad endings, so just to finish on a good note, circumstances improved soon, which is again, "another story", actually the next part of the story, when this blog itself was born.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Following the "good" path, is it really worth it?

There are two types of students in these world, those whose aim of life is 'pre-exam suggestions' and those who sweat out their days trying to finish the whole syllabus manually.

Theoretically, the 2nd type is considered the 'good' ones and they are assured by the common dialogue "you'll gain the true knowledge, while those who read suggestions will only pass, but never do great things in life".
Sound assuring, but does practical life agree?

No, not necessarily... on the last day of academic session, no one will remember who studied xerox notes and who read the books. All that'd be visible would the better marks, not how they got it.
Yes, I sound hypocrite, but I've seen, seeing and will see such instances come true over and over again.

On the day of entrance exams, no one gives a damn if you are a good guy or genius student, all you gotta do is score the marks, no matter if you manage it from peeking over your shoulders, or tick some MCQ riding on your luck. Or you could just be a good guy, do the sums yourself and miss the answer by a whisker (yes, entrance exams' MCQ answers are set like that, all 4 answers will be so much alike that someone will get the wrong ans by a silly mistake in last step, while someone will reach the right answer by doing the whole process wrong)

I don't mean everyone cheats, but yes, the option is as much viable as studying hard.

There was a time when the proverbs were formulated, people were simple and innocent and the world was much simpler a place to live in...and there's this present world, which is a quite different scenario. It's pretty hard to decide if those proverbs still hold good, they need to be modified, or discarded altogether.

Maybe today the "Survival of the fittest" is a more important concept, and we need to adapt to the changes. But do we really have to stop following the good path to be fittest? Or is our definition of "good" and "bad" is flawed itself?

Given that Darwin's theory can't be disproven, I will just stick to my concept of "good" and carry on hoping to discover something new in the concept of "fittest"

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 : An year worth looking back to

I really shouldn't be writing a blogpost at this hour with an exam on the next day, that too of Maths..but I felt it'd be too rude to let the year end without dedicating something to it, coz it has been the most amazing year of my life so far.

It gave me back the passion on my ideas, made me believe that luck doesn't always betray me, assured me that cracking entrance exams isn't the only thing to achieve :p and showed me the kingdom where I can rule.

2011, on the other hand, had ended on a seriously bad note, and I had wished that I don't have to face such a year again. And probably, to balance it, God followed it up with a treat.

Remarkable things achieved in this year :
1. This blog and my stories, always dreamt of writing such stuffs. :)
2. My first official application development and being recognised internationally. ^_^
3. First income, which has soared to amazing figures now :D
4. Winning competitions from Qt Devnet, Maemo community, Intel, Marmalade and BlackBerry that got my room filled with gadgets :p
5. Realizing that the perfect girl doesn't really exist :/
6. Finally getting the subjects I love, in actual academic syllabus :)
7. Getting some generous people as friends at the college , which I thought I could never accept as my own.
8. Making few great friends via twitter who helped me in developing apps.

Well, I was trying to make a list about the bad aspects too, but let's not stir up bad memories right now.

And whoever made this routine in college with Maths exam on 1st January, Karma will take its toll on him/her.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading my blog :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dawn to Dusk - A brief conclusion of .... Last part ?

Before you start reading, please be advised that I will not entertain any questions face to face in person with whoever reads this blog post, regarding this topic. -.-

How does it feel to have achieved your biggest dream and find that it wasn't worth it? And how does it feel to have faced your biggest nightmare and have conquered it?

What it does is that , it makes you sleep less, coz dreams and nightmares no longer interest you :D
/*and you can spend all the extra time on coding :p */

The heroine ( villainess? ) of Dawn to Dusk series msged me today to inform that she had found someone new in her life. Well, that describes quite a lot.

Don't blame my choice, time plays a very big hand in transforming the cutest heroines to the dumbest villainess.

Ironically, I felt quite relieved and happy.
Yes, there's 4 years of the story I've not yet written in this blog, there has been many ups and downs, and at this point of time, this incident doesn't deserve a damn. Be assured that Dawn to Dusk series will continue with those stories.

Let's keep it brief for now. Got more important things to worry about like CMRR derivation for OP-AMP and debug my games for BlackBerry's competition. Exams and competition date fell almost concurrently :( #fml

And one of my favrt pictures to end the post :D

Not sure if that "quiet girl" actually exists :p

- post written and published via N9 through my own app, Blob ^_^

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dawn to Dusk - Part IV

Before reading this part, I highly recommend you to read part 1, 2 and 3 before. At least read  this PART 3 else you won't be able to enjoy all the fun.

It was the summer of '07 ,we were in class 9 , all grown up, new classes, new books, new dresses and a new zeal. The two sections of our class were combined, for the first time. And I saw that girl with the cute face and peculiar ascent once again, after 6 years. Rumour had it that she stood 4th in last class with 0.1% less than me, but I never could make up enough courage to ask her about it.

I was planning how to have a good chance of first impression, and studies were the only thing where I had a chance. Coming first in class seemed a good enough idea to make an impression. Moreover, it was the last chance to show the whole batch who the real boss was, before the Class 10 boards, and before parting streams in class 11. And a nice opportunity to win once in the 8 year long cold war for the top positions in class.

Coincidentally, studies felt quite easy, or maybe because I really studied with my heart. Class performance progressed and going to school was more fun than ever, so much so that I had pulled a 96% attendance in that year. Whereas my attendance was at 60% for the last eight years. :D

Around 5 months into the session, our combined section was divided up again. This time randomly, so that students who were in the same section for 8 years were going to be separated. This stirred up a huge drama on that day, 99% of the students opposed the idea. We requested our teachers to divide it like before, but they said a strict NO. The matter was so serious at that time, every one of us were crying in the class. Our class teacher cancelled her class that day seeing the conditions of the students. A few drops filled her eyes too. Even after all that, the principal kept her ego high and told that decision won't be changed.

Now I wonder, would it have been so hard to change such a small decision? Even after seeing 90 children crying? Grown-ups could be so babies at times. They and their ego. Disgusting!

Eventually, we moved on... I was put into section B, and my 2 best friends were in A. First time since our friendship that we three weren't sharing the same bench to sit together. And yes, Miss mystery girl was also in the other section. Plans were delayed once again... :p

Maybe because girls started wearing salwars from class 9, and due to that grown up feeling, everyone started choosing their partners. Either intentionally, or their friends set them up, though the latter was predominant ;)

One fine afternoon, I was walking past section A during recess time, and Miss Mystery girl was standing in front of the class, probably looking at me. I was trying to increase my pace and cross quickly, avoiding eye contact. Just when I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, she called my name and asked for my number. Before I could reply, she quickly explained that her mother wanted to talk to my mother about where I took tutions. Dunno whether her ascent had normalized, or my hindi vocabulary had improved, I could understand her words and gave my landline number.

Okay, so the 'good student' thing worked, and a girl asked for my number. Not actually what you'd expect, but close enough :p
I was glad that our Rashtra Vasha didn't fail me this time :D and dedicated a thousand thanks to myself for learning Hindi properly.

The news of our conversation was spicy enough to sent a few rumours flying. Though I don't remember if her mother actually ever called or not ;)

Not much to my surprise, I stood first in class with 92% . I had the title I craved for, but dunno if it had made the impressions I wanted to make. And with that, began my journey downhill, towards fate or destiny, whatever you call it..