Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Dawn to Dusk. Part III

APRIL 2001 Class 3 was also much the same, but with a few incidents worth mentioning. I met one of my to-be best friend, Riddhi. Though we both talked less, but got to know each other. We went on to be the most famous three-best-friends of the school, along with Tanmoy, (aka Tomy), whom I met next year.
Also, there was a cute looking girl in the class with an unique non-Bengali accent. And something special that caught the eye among the crowd..... ;)

At that time in the class, talking to a girl was considered like breaking the rules of Bible. And high level things like LOVE was only a mere concept.
By some weird coincidence, it happened that one fine morning, her rubber fell from the desk and bounced all the way to under my desk. Trailing it, came the owner, & asked something in her peculiar accent. At that time, I was still learning Hindi, and her accent made it impossible for me to understand anything. After asking thrice, she gave me a why-do-God-send-such-dumb-pieces-to-earth look, & went inside my desk herself, picked up the rubber and went back to her desk. I was still in a state of shock, trying to figure out what was happening :|

I took two lessons from the incident,
1. Rubbers do bounce a lot
2. I've to learn Hindi better

Just at that time, sections were divided.  I was in A, & she went to B. Though Riddhi remained in B (& I met him after that Great Division)
This section distribution remained the same till class 9. Being an introvert batch, we didn't interact with the other section students, and the two sections grew up totally differently, almost became two opposing groups with opposite attitude and thinking.
I never saw that girl again in the big crowd, & forgot about it. But destiny probably had marked the two of us in a long term plan. And my next chance to test my Hindi vocabulary came 6 years later..
In the later part of the year, I took admission in another school, Sri Krishna Mission. But after a short time of 3 months, came back to my own school. As the long distance bus journey and strict attendance rule was beyond what my weak immune system permitted. The days at SKM were quite a mess, I somehow couldn't adjust with the atmosphere there, & everything felt so foreign.
In the final result, some girl stood first, and I was third with 92%, behind Bishal.

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