Thursday, January 19, 2012

From Dawn to Dusk. Part II

The so called education system in India...
April 1999. It was the April fools' day; ironically our session used to start on that very day every year. Being the first day of school, my thoughts were a mixture of anticipation, fear and excitement. I sat at the first leftmost bench, with a window by my side. It was something I always preferred throughout the 12 years, & even now....

At that time we used to go inside our benches by slipping under the desk rather than stepping through the side. And we used to stand whole class, cause if we sat, our heads couldn't reach the desk level :p ......aah...miss those days... :')

The first class was taken by 'Datta madam', as we all knew, & still know. Guess her first name remains a mystery still now :D She was an extremely polite, loving n caring person. Just the perfect teacher and guardian for children of that age.
The classwork was to write 'Mary' & 'John' side by side 10 times.
I also didn't know a single alphabet of Hindi at that time. But it was quite easy to learn, thanks to the hilarious simple dialogues between Ram & Mohan :p

I scored four 50 out of 50  and one 49 in first unit test. But still dint realise that I had a working brain ;)
The annual result was on march 31st 2000. Dad went to get the result, cause I dint find it interesting. I had no expectation, no fear, I dint even know what it meant to get results... and that's probably when the best things come, when we don't expect..
Dad returned with a big smile & declared that I had stood first in the class with 96% marks. I didn't realize the achievement at that time. But it felt good to see everyone happy.
Now when I look back, it definitely stands out as one of the happiest moments of life...

April 2000. Class 2 went much the same. Simple studies and innocent childhood. I don't remember much. But there was a twist in the annual results. I got 94% and stood second. A boy named Bishal stood first. And since then, we have been a great friends. Though our roads have been separate after 12, we are still in contact.
This boy Bishal Debbarma, is one of the most humble & polite person I've met till now. But his career has been an irony. After topping in class 2 he continuosly fell down the ladder, but he always used to play every game better than all other students of the school. He had dreams of making his career in football. And he had more than just the potential. But his parents never allowed him to do anything other than studies.
Last year he faced the JEEs, he did a mistake in filling up one form, that barred him from giving the main PCM exam he had targeted. He is repeating again this year. Hope he makes it through.
It feels bad how he was let down by his luck in the inappropriate path he was forced to take. Guess I'm not the only unlucky person in this world...

The so called education system in India...

To be Continued...

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