Monday, January 16, 2012

From Dawn to Dusk. Part I

March'99 It was that time of the year when the weather makes everything feel more beautiful. A slight breeze, and a bright sunshine that felt rather soothing.

I was sitting in the staff room with my parents. Being an  admission day, there weren't any teachers around, only a handful of parents & their children waiting for the serial number to be called...

I was always quite introvert & the serious atmosphere was making it more intense. Though class I admissions tests might be considered one of the easiest stuff on the planet, but at that age, it was the biggest I had faced till then. You had to revise the ABCDs, the multiplication tables, (it got really tough beyond number 5), then general knowledge of famous events and people. Overall, it took quite a bit of preparation!

After almost one hour of waiting, I was called. The admission test was an oral one, being taken by the principal himself. He was one of those non bengali, big, evil looking guy (he later turned out to be one of the most polite & humble person in the institute). But the look was enough to make any poor kid nervous :D. First few mins went good. He asked only a few basic questions, name, etc. Then came the multiplication table of 5, and spelling of 50. Both of which, I gave up without trying. Not because I didn't know, but it was that usual childish idiotic behaviour of making a mess out of everything  :p

After returning home, I got a little scolding from my parents. But we all hoped I'd make it through.

A week later, dad brought in the news that my name was on the selected list.
The school, at that time wasn't one of those highly funded top class aristocracy institutions that could afford rejecting too many students. Only a handful of students came to take admission, most of which were from lower & lower middle class families. In that sense, my big spectacles & geeky face probably made up for the missed answers :D

Most of the people and relatives asked with the I-feel so-pity-for-you tone, "why this?", "why not some other better known school", "the students aren't good in there, watch out, your child may get spoilt", etc. etc.
But who cared, I had a very weak immune system that fell ill frequently. And those big reputed schools had a strict minimum attendance criteria.

And so began the journey of 12 years, of numerous ups n downs, success and failures, and most importantly, thousands of exams :p  & everything else that was gonna make me what I'm today

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