Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dawn to Dusk - A brief conclusion of .... Last part ?

Before you start reading, please be advised that I will not entertain any questions face to face in person with whoever reads this blog post, regarding this topic. -.-

How does it feel to have achieved your biggest dream and find that it wasn't worth it? And how does it feel to have faced your biggest nightmare and have conquered it?

What it does is that , it makes you sleep less, coz dreams and nightmares no longer interest you :D
/*and you can spend all the extra time on coding :p */

The heroine ( villainess? ) of Dawn to Dusk series msged me today to inform that she had found someone new in her life. Well, that describes quite a lot.

Don't blame my choice, time plays a very big hand in transforming the cutest heroines to the dumbest villainess.

Ironically, I felt quite relieved and happy.
Yes, there's 4 years of the story I've not yet written in this blog, there has been many ups and downs, and at this point of time, this incident doesn't deserve a damn. Be assured that Dawn to Dusk series will continue with those stories.

Let's keep it brief for now. Got more important things to worry about like CMRR derivation for OP-AMP and debug my games for BlackBerry's competition. Exams and competition date fell almost concurrently :( #fml

And one of my favrt pictures to end the post :D

Not sure if that "quiet girl" actually exists :p

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  1. Sympathies, if you really need those, else congratulations... from my side. You may now find a new villain in your life.
    In the picture, I better remove few first pixels to crop that cute/Quiet girl concept.

    1. I will take the congratulations :D

      Really jealous of the cat in the pic :p