Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 : An year worth looking back to

I really shouldn't be writing a blogpost at this hour with an exam on the next day, that too of Maths..but I felt it'd be too rude to let the year end without dedicating something to it, coz it has been the most amazing year of my life so far.

It gave me back the passion on my ideas, made me believe that luck doesn't always betray me, assured me that cracking entrance exams isn't the only thing to achieve :p and showed me the kingdom where I can rule.

2011, on the other hand, had ended on a seriously bad note, and I had wished that I don't have to face such a year again. And probably, to balance it, God followed it up with a treat.

Remarkable things achieved in this year :
1. This blog and my stories, always dreamt of writing such stuffs. :)
2. My first official application development and being recognised internationally. ^_^
3. First income, which has soared to amazing figures now :D
4. Winning competitions from Qt Devnet, Maemo community, Intel, Marmalade and BlackBerry that got my room filled with gadgets :p
5. Realizing that the perfect girl doesn't really exist :/
6. Finally getting the subjects I love, in actual academic syllabus :)
7. Getting some generous people as friends at the college , which I thought I could never accept as my own.
8. Making few great friends via twitter who helped me in developing apps.

Well, I was trying to make a list about the bad aspects too, but let's not stir up bad memories right now.

And whoever made this routine in college with Maths exam on 1st January, Karma will take its toll on him/her.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading my blog :)

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