Friday, August 31, 2012

A bit of bragging , with a pinch of rant :D

I've always spent my life away from the hype, not trying to be DIFFERENT, but trying to be CORRECT. Which very few people could even differentiate..

And what an awesome destiny I've had. Trolling me in every way possible, whenever it got a chance.
Now I've found a cure.. Translated the origin a bit, unlucky has become the Normal , and normal has become the Lucky :D

I've never asked my parents for anything irrational or unjustified, like other guys, who get their parents to buy them high priced stuffs, from bikes to high spec'd laptops, cams, the branded jeans and tees and what not. Then put it on their cover pics on FB. Hang out with a gang like whatever they do is right, puffing cigarettes and drinking, claiming these are part of enjoying your life. And whoa! They become so famous. Not only among the guys and girls, but luck seems to prefer them too.
Damn the whole system is corrupted. Including DESTINY! :|

So it's not everyday that you get a chance to make people jealous, and now that I've, decided to make full use of it 3:)

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