Monday, February 20, 2012

Temporary Overload notice :|

For those who are wondering if Dawn to Dusk series is over, it's not even half finished yet. There will be more posts in the series, hopefully more interesting.
I was just wondering if I should publish those classified craps..then I felt "who cares.. I won't be hanged for that"..

And in that regard, let me explain you the implication of the title "Dawn to Dusk", for those who dint get the actual meaning..

It signifies the whole school life, where we start our journey from the dawn, going to school early morning in primary section, and the 12 year journey ends at dusk, returning home late evening in the noon section.
So, you could stay tuned for more posts soon, but at the moment, classes in college are spoiling the whole days. The little time left is going on some coding stuffs.. ( BDW, I'm working on releasing my own software in Nokia store!! Pretty cool, huh? ) There's a minimal official blog on my apps, only because the Nokia store rules needed a app website. You can pay it a visit here
Thanks to my sis for helping me with the 1euro registering stuff :)

So blogging has to wait now, maybe by next weekend I'll get some time to write those crap. Wish I had one of those Hyperbolic time chambers from Dragonball Z, that'd have made life lot easier.. :p

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