Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Time and Tide, wait for some

It was the date of Biology in PCB category exam. The exam was going to start in 5 mins. People were busy taking their seats and getting ready. Now or never she said to herself. She turned back and asked him "Are you good in Biology?".
He was busy arranging pen and paper. He stopped and looked towards her "Not much, why?", he replied, a bit surprised.
"Please help me a little, I am not good in this subject", she said, trying to make it sound genuine with a smile.
"OK, sure", he assured and smiled back.

The exam was of 3 hours, 4th and last one since the two day long 12 hours exam marathon.
Halfway through the exam, she asked something related to mitochondria, he replied, and that was all. At the end of the exam she wanted to say thanks, but the room was too crowded to see him. 
He was slowly walking through the corridor with the crowd, slightly hoping he would walk into her somewhere. But luck was not with them. They saw each other, but only at the last moment. Both were leaving with their parents, and a smile was the only thing that was exchanged.

5 years later, he asks her, "I still don't know why you said you are not good in Biology". She laughed, "And I don't know how I became a doctor, I wanted to be an engineer actually". "You seem to remember that day pretty well?", she asks curiously.
"Of course I do, you asked me three MCQs, none of which I was sure about. I issued a disclaimer : Please take my answer at your own risk, I'm not confident". You said "It's fine".

She said, "Thank god I took the initiative of starting the conversation, you were sitting there for 9hrs without saying anything and the last 3 hours were going to pass too", in a slight scolding voice.
He tried to argue, "I'm not used to having good looking girls sitting in front of me in exams. So not familiar with the concept of initiating conversations". "But I specifically checked out your name on the attendance sheet after that", he tried to calm her.
She started laughing. "Oh poor fellow. Is that why you remembered my name for long?". 
"No, actually I wanted to check your result and see if you cleared medical entrance or not. In case you sued me for those three wrong answers. But after seeing your rank, I was wondering why you had lied", he said imitating a suspicious look.
Not used to compliments about herself, she felt shy. Looking away she said "Believe me I am really not good in Biology".

He continued "And I checked in Facebook that you didn't have an account, which reinforced the fact that you were actually a studious girl."
She smiled "That's some serious investigation you carried out. How did you remember to search after one year?"
He shrugged his shoulders "Just intuition... Anyone who is studying in medical is bound to come in touch with Facebook at some point. Should take one year at most....", he paused for a bit thinking deeply "But you know, if you actually had an account already, I probably would have never sent a friend request... ever!"
"Why so??" she looked surprised.
"Because that would look too desperate and stupid!" he laughed. "Instead, sending the request after one year, is a very decent thing to do"
"Only problem is, by that time the girl will probably have a boyfriend", she added.
"Well, that's not a bad thing entirely" he smiled.

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